Terra McBrideboots, booties

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Terra McBrideboots, booties

god, i love boots. on any given day, boots transform women the world over into ass kickers and deal makers and room rulers. i’m sure most people would argue there is a limit to the number of boots a person can have in their closet. but let’s be honest. that’s just plain sick. 

keep reading for my list of the five boot styles we all need in our closet.    


want to look like a rock star? there’s nothing more iconic than the chelsea boot. comfortable and cocky, this is the next boot i am purchasing. i’m so into it, i got stella a pair

sam edelman $150

frye $348


one of the best purchases i ever made was a pair of stuart weitzman 50/50s. they look incredible with a short skirt and tights or over a pair of leggings. and they’re super comfortable. so when i take stella to dance class first thing on a saturday, i can be lazy and put together all at once. if you’re ready for the investment but cringe at the price, watch eBay. that’s where i got mine and they have a steady stream of sizes regularly. 

dolce vita $199.95

stuart weitzman 50/50  $655


always luxurious, velvet is making the rounds again. it’s like wrapping your feet in a really badass hug.

steve madden $89.95

kendall + kylie $190


there’s no use tucking away our perfectly pedicured toes just yet. a peep toe boot is a little unexpected and a whole lot sexy. 

river island $120

calvin klein $219.95


for the woman with every boot imaginable. just be prepared to say, “my eyes are up here” a whole lot. 

miss selfridge $121

loeffler randall $550