years ago, when i first got out of college, i worked at the express. i have mentioned my disdain for malls and mall smells on twitter before and i have to imagine the vitriolic reaction i have every time i step foot in a mall now has to do with how much time i spent working in one. 

not that i disliked my time there. i actually quite enjoyed it. i learned a bit about fashion, merchandising and trends from my colleagues. several of them had attended FIT and readily shared their knowledge, which i was eager to lap up. 

while we all participated in the latest and greatest items that would hit the store, it was inevitable that we’d all end up in black. it was easy. it was sophisticated. don’t all new yorkers wear all black? let’s be like new yorkers. and it was always the girl dressed in all black during the shift that looked the most chic. 

take a quick scroll through my latest posts and you’ll see that i’m there. i’ve gone around the block and i’m back to black. it’s like an old friend giving me a big hug. hi black. it’s good to see you. 

Crop Top Modern Citizen // Jeans J.Crew // Shoes Zara (try this) // Bag Tory Burch // Sunglasses (try this for less than $20!) // Rings Aldo (set of 6 for $12!) // Collar Alexis Bittar (yellow gold version

photos // aart balk