Love Nothing More
Love Nothing More

Terra McBride

As a card carrying member of the dork squad since 1988, I never thought I would be the sort of person anyone would ask for fashion advice. But here I am, blogging about it because why not? Keeping up with style & fashion is my favorite past time. And this is where I document the chase.






















My home is in Pittsburgh with my husband and daughter. We moved here as an unmarried and childless couple from our hometown in 2006. This was a pit stop on our way to a better city but not long after we arrived we realized we were already there.

If you and I ran into each other in the bar, I'd want to talk about music (currently loving Boy & Bear), the best vegan meal you've ever had, Body Lab, vinyasa yoga, why man caves are ridiculous, 6-year olds, Mr. Robot (or Stranger Things), tips for how I can get my husband to stop saying Benedict Cumberbatch looks like Butt-head, and black tea. 

I hope you enjoy this peek into my little part of the world. 

Photo by Rose Colored Creative