:sweep the leg:

fear does not exist in this dojo. 

pain does not exist in this dojo. 

defeat does not exist in this dojo. 

if you don’t know what any of that means, you’re young and adorable. 

  • in short, it means i think my pants look like something from a 1984 karate movie. 
  • nah. don’t google it. you’ll probably think it’s cheesy even though you love Stranger Things and that show is totally inspired by this type of stuff. 
  • it also means they’re the best… around and nothin’s ever gonna keep them down. 

martial arts elegance aside, i wasn’t sure about these pants but there is something so alluring about the shape they give my lower body. is that a tulip? the whip on a meringue? idk. what do you think? 

regardless, they’re comfortable as hell (youknowthatmatterstome) and they’re linen, so they’re not too heavy. but that also means i cannot sit ever. small price to pay. 

Pants: Modern Citizen // Top: Modern Citizen (try this or invest in this) // Shoes Stuart Weitzman // Bracelets Global Girl Gifts from a million years ago (love this)