:lemon water x sweet water:

as part of my ongoing (and going and going) detox, i have done my best to reduce the amount of black tea i’m drinking and instead replace it with warm lemon water. the benefits of drinking warm lemon water have been touted by the likes of geri hirsch, lauren conrad and miranda kerr. and after two months of the replacement, i can say that i am a believer. 

but let’s be real. tea is supreme. and it’s all i want. so i decided to try wrapping my hot beverage in a package that made me want to constantly hold it and therefore drink it. 

sweet water decor came across my radar and i couldn’t help myself. i decided to get the eyelashes mug and travel mug because apparently i’ve become obsessed with eyes lately. SWD’s items are sometimes precious, sometimes empowering and always stylish. 

Dress ASOS // Shoes (so old i can’t even) // Sunglasses Karen Walker // Collar Alexis Bittar // Travel Mug Sweet Water Decor

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