if you dig into my twitter archives from a few years back, you’ll find me complaining about overalls. don’t call them COVERALLS now, fashion industry. we’re on to your tricks. you see, i remember sporting overalls in 7th grade. i’d wear them with one or sometimes both straps undone so that i could show off my over-sized goofy (as in disney) t-shirt. i’d peg the bottoms to give them that ultra cool tapered ankle yet billowy calf-to-thigh. always an attractive silhouette. 

seventh grade wasn’t my most amazing fashion moment and it certainly ranks pretty low on developmental moments. so i never imagined i would ever want to resurrect a look from that era. i eased back into overalls by purchasing this pair for a halloween costume a couple years ago (i was a minion). then of course, i saw beautiful women wearing overalls and making them look super fashionable and not at all like kris kross was making a comeback. so i decided to rotate these suckers in. i still need to be in the mood but the lesson i learned here is to never say never again.       

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