:on the daily:

my life runs in phases during which i find something i really like and then make it part of my regular routine. i have breakfast phases (currently it’s this overnight oats recipe but with PBfit instead of cashew butter). workout phases (BodyLab + Yoga Flow). shopping destination phases (everything zara, then asos, then shopbop). there’s something about the Groundhog Day cycle of it all that i find comforting.  

still, i enjoy throwing myself off of my routine for a bit (skipped a few workouts and drank a few extra beers last week). but routine’s magnetism always lures me back. 

Romper Young, Fabulous & Broke (available for 60% off here) // Shoes Joie (on sale here) // Sunglasses Quay (No. 14 Boutique has a constant rotation) // My mom’s tassel necklace (try this)

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