:defining style + JORD watch giveaway:

:defining style + JORD watch giveaway:

in one day, i’ll go from heels and a skirt to shorts and a baggy sweater in .2 seconds. you better believe a bra to bralette swap is in there too. my style has a tendency to oscillate between dressy and casual rather regularly. other people will tell me that an outfit or a piece “looks so much like” me, as though i have some sort of defined style. but i often feel like i have absolutely no idea what my style is. i love so many different things. it’s almost as though i’m afraid to commit to just one type of look. that feeling permeates just about every aesthetic decision life has to offer. can i blame it on being a gemini? let’s go with that for now.  


the one thing that i have learned over the years (and to be honest, rather recently) is that i need a closet full of pieces that can play nice with one another. maybe that’s basic. so be it. i’m about as basic as they come. but it’s worth investing in fewer, quality pieces than in a whole bunch of junk. this notion certainly extends to accessories. purchase quality pieces that can transcend style and you’ll always win. 

enter JORD watches. these unique timepieces are made of wood. feels a little strange, right? a wooden watch? i fully expected the wood to make the piece pretty heavy. but i was pleasantly surprised to feel how lightweight it is. i love that JORD uses a variety of woods to give each design a unique color. i’ve worn my Frankie Zebrawood & Navy watch every day to work with a range of outfits and i felt like it went with every single one of them. now that’s an accessory i can get behind! 

it gives me great pleasure to share a little JORD fun with all of you! JORD and i have partnered to bring you a giveaway right here on lnm! this giveaway is open to men and women alike, because of course everyone deserves an attractive timepiece. here’s how it works:

  • enter the JORD watches giveaway between now and Aug. 20, 11:59 pm ET for your chance to win $100 toward your own JORD watch
  • just by entering, you get a $25 code to use toward a JORD watch purchase.

it’s that easy! no endless follow chains or comment requirements. and just for entering you get 25 bones. i mean, if you found $25 on the street, wouldn’t you pick it up? so go get it! and good luck everyone! 


outfit photos // lauren

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