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:Living Reflection:

Terra McBride
:Living Reflection:

From a Dream

The 70s sort of sucked. Let’s be real about this. Oil crisis, disco, Nixon, polyester, serial killers, mysogyny, brown, olive, yellow and orange as a legitimate
interior design color palette, tv dinners.

But you know what? Every decade has its baggage. It is also true that every single decade has marked us. With music. With fashion. With art. The 70s might have sucked, but they also kicked ass. For starters, I was born in the 70s. So there’s really nothing else to be said.

But I need to tie this together so I’ll say more. The 70s had Zeppelin and platform shoes and Andy Warhol and Dark Side of the Moon and Bowie and Foxy Brown.

I wouldn’t want to live in the 70s but if I had a TARDIS, I would absolutely visit the 70s for the concerts alone but I’d definitely detour into some shopping along the way.


Faux fur Zara (similar) | Bodysuit American Apparel (similar) | Jeans AYR | Booties Nine West (very old) | Jewelry Elizabeth & James

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