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:Hair Clips Are A Thing:

Terra McBride
:Hair Clips Are A Thing:

Yeah, hair clips are definitely a thing you need.

As many of you know, I’m growing out this mop on top of my head. Transitioning from a short cut (which I still love btw and will return to someday btw) to a longer length will always include the dreaded “mom cut” phase. You know the look. The length is neither here nor there. It’s not long enough to really style yet, but it’s not short enough to look edgy. It’s just blah.

So, I’m looking for ways to get through this phase with at least a modicum of style.
Enter hair clips.

Thank god they’re having a resurgence. Hair clips go with literally any hair type. And they’re often a very affordable, high impact accessory.

I prefer mine either long, thin and stacked one upon the other, or obnoxiously large. There are some lovely, more dainty styles that look beautiful as well. My recommendation is to not overdo it with other jewelry. Let the clip(s) stand on its (their) own. No need for earrings or necklaces.

I linked a few lovely options I found around the inter webs down below. But you could easily pick up a great set to try out from a drug store for a few bucks. Just smooth down a side where you’d usually tuck your hair behind your ear, slide the clip into place and voila.
Instant visual interest.


Hair Clips Free People | Blazer & Jeans AYR | Bodysuit Free People | Bag Staud |
Sunglasses Karen Walker (similar) | Shoes Stuart Weitzman

Free People, Anthropologie and Etsy (new and vintage) all have fantastic options.
Click through on the images below for more details.

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