:lnm date night - your choice:

Outfit 1 - lacy lady

Outfit 2 - playful pussy cat

Outfit 3 - babe in black

did you know me back in 2009? if you did, you might have participated in what i lovingly called community choice. every sunday, i posted three outfits styled around a single piece and then readers would vote on what i should wear later that week. it’s been a looooong time since i did something like that. i’ve had the itch and when i purchased this t by alexander wang bodysuit, i couldn’t deny the urge to scratch. 

so, let’s do this. 

my “going out gear” has depleted rather drastically over the last 5-6 years. i dress more conservatively and more simply and frankly, i rarely go out these days. it’s an understatement to say my husband has noticed how buttoned up i have become. 

we’re in the midst of a pretty hardcore diet/exercise regimen. we stopped drinking after new year’s and won’t fall back off the wagon until april. EXCEPT for a february date night. a moment we’re both looking forward to rather fervently. there is no better time to find a super sexy piece than when i’m feeling really good about my body and we’re letting loose.

what outfit do you think i should wear for that one moment within a four month stretch when we finally relax a bit? feel free to vote below and suggest shoe swaps, accessory options, etc. i may or may not have ordered a faux fur coat to go with one of these so…. 

i cannot wait to see what you choose!