Terra McBride

:Productive Weekend:

Terra McBride
:Productive Weekend:

Reflecting on this weekend, I feel so accomplished. Everything kicked off with some intense Body Lab action at Mecka Fitness.  That was necessary since I also took the opportunity to celebrate a little success at work Friday night with a former colleague/current friend. We toasted over margaritas (spicy for me, grapefruit for her) guacamole and tacos at Bakersfield. Good food, even better company. 

Saturday's schedule was packed. But I so relish my weekend sleep-ins. So I skipped the workout in favor of a little extra bed time and a slower breakfast. We cleaned the house, including those pesky secondary closets that never get any attention. I braved the mean streets of Mt. Lebanon to run some errands (it was madness out there, my friends). And we picked up our Christmas tree and wreaths for the windows. After dinner (vegan green curry thanks to my incredible husband), we popped some corn and watched a holiday movie. CJ and I even enjoyed a couple drinks and some music sharing to cap the night. Some of our playlist is still hanging around on my instastories, if you're curious! 

Today felt just as full. I joined CJ and Stella for her swim lessons. I cannot believe how good she's gotten! After which we visited Orbis Caffe for some hot drinks and snacks. I ran more errands today (ribbon to hang all of those wreaths on the house) and I finally built our advent calendar. We all raked leaves together, although after the first row, Stella was more inclined to run through the yard and jump into the leaves than rake them. After that, I went to yoga for a little flow. CJ once again cooked me dinner (homemade vegan chicken pot pies) so that I could eat as soon as I got home. We did some homework and now we're settling in to enjoy the last precious hours of our weekend.

How was your weekend? I hope you did exactly what you wanted to do. 

Still loving this dress the mosty most. It makes me feel like a flower child witch. 

Dress Antropologie (recently worn) // Sweater Anthropologie // Sunglasses Karen Walker // Necklace Midori Linea

Photos // Lauren